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    How Do Orthotics Work

Once your medical orthotics are completed you will have them fit to an appropriate pair of shoes.

Your feet rest on top of your orthotic foot-bed. The foot-bed gently directs your feet into the corrected position for standing, walking and your other physical activities. Your custom foot-beds will help reduce your fatigue and pain by maintain the corrected foot posture.

You will need to break in your feet and legs to their new positions so take your time and follow your break in information.

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Upon receiving a pair of Prothotics orthotic foot-beds, place them in proper footwear and start using them. A break-in sheet will be provided for patients to help them use their new Prothotics foot-beds correctly.

It may take a bit of time (usually four to eight weeks), but as an individual's feet rest on top of the Prothotics foot-beds, they will gently direct them into the corrected position for standing, walking and other physical activities. Over time, custom Prothotics foot-beds will help reduce fatigue and pain by maintaining a corrected foot posture.

Note: Properly fit footwear is the most important partner orthotic foot-beds can have. You will need to purchase - or already have - a well-constructed shoe that provides a strong, stable support base. Avoid poorly designed and constructed footwear. And always wear your custom-made Prothotics foot-beds in the shoes chosen for them to be worn in.

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