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    Our People

Our team of professionals are well trained and maintain all Provincial and Federal Certifications and continue earning their required Continuing Education Units (CEU). Their dedication to your needs maximizes your ability to heal.

Each member of Prothotics/Healthwest staff is highly trained, and an expert in their field. From our assessment experts/certified therapists, to the staff that design and build each pair of custom medical orthotic foot-beds. You can count on Prothotics/Healthwest to consistently deliver products and services of the highest caliber.

Our primary concern, is the long-term well-being of you, the patient. For this, we have a complete follow up care program that may span over many years. Consequently, to prevent problems from worsening over time, minor on-going care, or therapy, may be required.

At Prothotics/Healthwest, we have researched soft tissue damage caused by skeletal misalignment, and have developed therapy programs to address your issues. Healthwest has a comprehensive program in place designed to help you help your patients.

As has always been the case, it's our people that will make a difference to you.

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