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You will receive an complete assessment for your specifc complaint with a detailed treatment plan developed and impelmented. For a foot, ankle or leg problem you will be provided a full Lower Limb Assessment (includes biomechanical examination and Gait pressure analysis),

Chiropractic - with Dr. Robert Muir
Massage Therapy - with Brent Konantz
Pedorthic Services - Brent Konantz

During your therapy you will be provide with all elctro therapies required, Ultra Sound, Laser, Shock Wave, etcteras and manual therapies augmented by excersie rehab program developed to aide you in resolviong your pain and discomfort,
There are no add on fees for the use of any of the elctro therapies, you receive what you need to get better.

Pedorthic Services - with Brent Konantz

  • Orthoses casting
  • Custom Orthotics
  • Custom Over The Counter Orthoses (OTC)
  • Over the counter or best fit orthoses.
  • Modifications to orthopedic Footwear
  • Compression socks from tryform
  • Orthosleeve products, massage balls and the strassburg sock available at our location

Call or email for pricing or to setup up an appointmnet and begin living a painfree and active lifestyle.
P (204) 783-3355 | T (800) 667-3673

*Healthwest does not bill insurance directly on behalf of patients, though we are able to provide you were the necessary documentation require for your claim submission

For style availability please phone the clinic at (204) 783-3355/(800) 667-3679.
Custom ordering is also available, although certain restrictions may apply.

Questions? Call 204.783.3355 Rx Forms