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    What Are Orthotics

What Is An Orthotic?

The term "orthotic" is derived from the Greek word "orthos", which means to straighten, right or correct. Orthotic's or Orthoses refers to a device that is custom-designed to support the foot; such devices are used in orthotic therapy to relieve foot, ankle, knee, hip and lower back pain or other associated lower limb dysfunctions

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Why An Orthotic Is Necessary

Lower limb pain and/or disability can be directly related to excessive stress and instability within the musculoskeletal system of the lower extremity. Correcting the biomechanical dysfunction(s) within the lower limb will have the effect of stabilizing the structure and in some cases, eliminating the constant repetitive stresses within the lower limb.

By correcting the dysfunction(s), we are placing the lower extremity into as close to the medical normal as possible, thus helping to reduce chronic repetitive stresses within the lower extremity without displacing harmful reactive forces to other areas of the body.

Medical Orthotics should be utilized as a corrective aid, within an overall rehabilitative care program, to reduce chronic repetitive stress within the joints of the lower limb and reduce continued trauma(s) to the surrounding connective tissue. This approach will provide long term prevention.

Orthotics Can Help

Medical Orthotics will accommodate for hind foot pronation/supination, forefoot varus/valgus deformities, sesamoidal and/or callus pockets, metatarsal pads/bars, arch/mid foot stability bars, rocker bars, heel spur pockets, heel lifts for leg length discrepancy, et cetera. (Component parts are available at no additional charge).

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