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In order to correct or prevent repetitive injuries caused by incorrect foot posture, a medical device called an orthotic (orthoses) may have to be custom crafted to deal with your specific difficulty.

Proper bone alignment reduces continued soft tissue damage not only in the foot but in the ankle, knee, hip and lower back.

Prothotics/Healthwest has been manufacturing custom orthotics (orthoses) for over 20 years in Winnipeg combining old world hand craftsmanship with 21st century advanced manufacturing techniques bringing you the most patient complaint products available today.

A custom made medical orthotic is designed to be worn within appropriate footwear to correct and control your specific biomechanical dysfunction and improve proper foot and lower limb function.

Each orthotic is custom-made to suit every individuals needs, they aid in reducing lower limb pain and discomfort.

We have an extensive follow up program at no additional fee to make sure you are responding well to treatment with the medical device .

Our Program provides the best products and services. With all our products manufactured locally, by a manufacturer with an extensive manufacturer's warranty.

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